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Yes, there is a better way

Welcome to the resource on why you should NOT be using old versions of non-standards compliant internet browsers, the reasons for it, and the best, easiest way to bring your browsing experience into the standards era. Read on to discover how to increase your online joy with only a few clicks.

The Good

  • Best Browsing Experience
  • More Secure
  • Faster
  • Continuous Updates
  • Community Support
  • Cross Platforms

The Bad

  • Poor Browsing Experience
  • Don't Know How
  • Too Difficult
  • Time Consuming
  • Lose Stuff
  • Don't Care

Think of the children developers!

Did you know that the people building your website generally enjoy it until they get to the part trying to make it function and display properly in an archaic browser?

Granted parts of this are personal experience, but I feel confident some feel the same way, as it can be like building two sites entirely. First, we make a standards compliant site that works beautifully and is generally enhanced with some new features such as HTML5 and CSS3. Then hacks and scripts must be employed to bring ancient browsers up to current. Adding scripts adds more load, which can make an already slow browser even slower!

Happy Koala Explaining the good

The-Best Browsing Experience
Yep, as you would expect, pretty much the opposite of the worst experience. You gain the benefits of the designer/developer hard work and enjoy a better environment at a better speed. Selling point here people!
More Secure
Nothing is or ever will be 100% secure online, it is simply the nature of the beast. However you can take precautions by ensuring you have the most standards compliant browser possible guarding your stuff. IE7 is the worst offender, and IE even had the government weigh in on the security risks. Take note of this!. Also worth checking out would be this wiki entry on IE security, IE Security.
The mozilla and webkit engines that are used to render what you see continuously test at speeds far greater than their IE counterparts, including the upcoming IE9. Check out this speed comparison test by Jacob over at six revisions, Browser Performance.
Continuous Updates
As new features become available, such as cutting edge HTML5 and CSS3 support, the better browsers release constant updates to ensure their users are enjoying the benefits.
Community Support
Newer browsers often support many extensions and application add-ins. Meaning that as an involved community enjoys it, they create extensions for these browsers to add subtle, yet helpful ways to enhance your online time.
Cross Platforms
Major browser vendors know that their users are not always only on their computer, and adapt to that by creating compatible versions of their browsers for mobile devices such as iOS and Android. You can find applications to install mobile versions of your favorite new browsers to view on the go.

Sad Panda Defining the bad

Less Than Best Browsing
What do I mean by this? Designers and developers work very hard to present you with an enjoyable experience online, because you are visiting our craftsmanship, we would like you to enjoy it as fully as we visualize it. "Exploring" the web in IE means you miss out on nearly all of the enhancements and nuances that go into a design. Check out this litmus showcasing an easy to read visual of IE shortcomings.
You Don't Know How
Totally fair issue, and at the same time, not an issue any longer because we have the simple steps to get you moving in a few clicks. Check out the Upgrade Me section!
Too Difficult
Understandable. Sometimes the unknown is enough to scare one away from trying because you become safe with what you know and have. But fear not, the process to browser enlightenment is so simple and painless, you will kick yourself for waiting!
Time Consuming
If you have not gathered by now...Rest assured the process is utterly quick, and you will save ten times that amount of time in sheer browsing speed!
Losing Stuff
So you have been using Internet Explorer for decades and have accumulated quite the bookmark favorites collection eh? Understandable you may be fearful of losing those during a scary transfer to a new browser. Alas, we have you covered! Visit the Save Me section to learn step by step how to save and transfer all of your Internet Explorer bookmarks to your brand new browser!
You Don't Care
Well bummer! I cant help you with this one, other than to say check out the Missing Me section to change your mind :D

Upgrade Me!

Great choice! Deciding to upgrade is the first step to increasing your awesome online. Here is a list, including their respective links, to a few sweet browsers that are sure to make you see websites in a whole new light. Hover on each to view some info!

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Google chrome runs on the webkit engine, same as apple's safari. Chrome is a great browser super fast and currently supports the most properties.

Google Chrome Download Link
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a longtime favorite, and its rendering engine supports a ton of newer attributes as well. A great choice by many.

Mozilla Firefox Download Link

Opera is a great browser that may not be as well known, but has support for many new features and even supports some that chrome and firefox do not as of yet!

Opera Download Link
Apple Safari
Apple Safari

Safari supports everything that chrome does and outperforms chrome on some speed tests.

Apple Safari Download Link

Moving On!

Decided to go for it eh? Awesome! Click you route of choice below to see step by step how to upgrade.

Install Chrome

Install Firefox

Install Opera

Install Safari

Save Me!

So you want to save all your bookmarks? Good call.

The awesome news is that any of these browsers you choose to upgrade to can automagically import your favorites from old Internet Explorer versions! But hey, I know sometimes you just want to have a safe file, so click on whichever version of Internet Explorer you have to learn how to save them step by step!

Export IE6

Export IE7

Export IE8

Well done, you now have a file containing your favorites! Now, we need to put those bookmarks into your new and improved software and your browser! So click on the browser you chose to go with, and once again you will see step by step how to get your bookmarks into place!

Import Chrome

Import Firefox

Import Opera

Import Safari

Missing Out!

So what are you missing? what exactly is the 'browsingbetter' experience?

A lot of subtlety, graceful enhancements that let your eyes enjoy the visit more, smooth round edges and shadowy depths. Coloring gradients and translucent containers. View some example comparisons below.


As HTML5 becomes the new standard, for a multitude of reasons, Internet Explorer must be pampered in order to even be viewable, requiring extra scripts, code and headache.


As more developers embrace CSS3 we must continually take precaution to add fallback support for Internet Explorer, as it does not support any of it and could be unusable otherwise.

Do you like YouTube?

If you are using the archaic Internet Explorer 6 or 7, you may not even be able to enjoy videos! Visit the site and be greeted with this...


Some people do not mind the lack of pretty that CSS affords, and that is perfectly ok. A broken site however is not. So what do you think? Enticed? Thought so. Upgrade your browser now, and thank me later. UPGRADE ME!

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This Place.

The goal of this site is to serve as, hopefully, a little learning experience for people who may not know about the benefits of upgrading their browsers. As well as my own kind way of saying please stop using old Internet Explorer. ;)

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